Sedans: $59.99

Small SUV: $64.99

Large SUV/Family van: $69.00

*Mobile service available with a two-car minimum requirement.

This is our quickest cleaning for vehicles that are relatively clean. It takes about 45 minutes and includes exterior steaming of car and Wheels. Tires cleaned and dressed. Dash and console cleaned. Windows cleaned in and out. Moderate Vacuuming of vehicle. Quick detail spray applied.


Sedans: $109.00

Lux/small SUV: $119.00

Lrg SUV/van: $129.00

*For your convenience mobile service available for an additional $10.00 dollars.

For vehicles needing more than a basic wash but needs a little TLC. This service takes about an hour and a half and includes Steaming cleaning the exterior of the car, tires, and wheels. Tires dressed, vacuum interior, steam dash, console, cup holders, vents, and Door jams. . Windows cleaned inside and out. High gloss long-lasting paint sealant spray applied.



Exterior Detailing

This package focus on the Exterior of your vehicle. This service not only protects your vehicle from the elements but will give your vehicle a smooth shiny finish that will last up to 6 months. To protect your car and your investment this service is recommended twice a year.

•Steam clean exterior, tires, and wheels

•Clay Bar exterior

•Dress tires

•Vacuum interior

•Steam clean console and dash

•Windows cleaned in and out

• 6-month polymer applied

*Buffing and scratch removal can be added for an additional $75.00

*For the best protection and shine have our Certified Technicians apply our one-year Jade ceramic coating starting at $175.00.

*For your convenience mobile service available for an additional $10.00 dollars more.

Sedans: $159.00

Lux/small SUV: $169.00

Large SUV/Family van: $179.00




•Vacuum interior and trunk

•Steam cleaning trunk, Interior carpets, seats, and mats removing stains

•Clean headliner, Clean Steam Dash, vents, console, cup holders door jams, and door panels leather and vinyl Cleaned and treated with premium conditioner

For soiled vehicles needing the inside thoroughly cleaned. This service takes an hour and a half to two hours and includes items listed below:

Sedans: $159.00

Small SUV: $169.00

Large SUV/Family Van: $179.00

*If your vehicle is heavily soiled or has dog hair an additional charge will apply.

*This package is for interior only. Exterior steaming and detail spray can be added for only 20 dollars.

*For your convenience mobile service available for an additional $10.00 dollars more.

Diamonds & Pearls

Best Value

• Sedans: $245.00

• Small SUV/Luxury Sedans: $255.00

This package offers a complete cleaning of your car.

In this package you get both the platinum and Diamond

package plus a free cleaning of your engine.

• Large SUV/Family van: $275.00

*Buffing and scratch removal can be added to this package for an

additional charge of $75.00

*For the best protection and shine possible, have our certified

technicians preform our Level one Paint correction and apply our

Jade one year Ceramic coating starting at $175.00 dollars.

*For your convenience Mobile Service Available for an additional


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